We are your point of contact for SANY concrete machinery in America.

Team Sales America Bill Dwyer

Bill Dwyer

Vice President North American Sales

TELEPHONE: +1 (847) 404-4592
E-MAIL: Bill.Dwyer@putzmeister.com

Marc Aguilar

Vice President Sales Latin Americas & Caribbean

TELEPHONE: +1 (954) 401-7725
E-MAIL: Marc.Aguilar@putzmeister.com

Team Sales Americas Alfonso Roa

Alfonso Roa

Regional Sales Director South America and the Caribbean

TELEPHONE: +1 (305) 905-0338
E-MAIL: Alfonso.Roa@putzmeister.com

SANY Concrete Machinery Team USA Midwest/North Thomas Redding

Tom Redding

Regional Sales Director – West

TELEPHONE: +1 (720) 413-3399
E-MAIL: Tom.Redding@putzmeister.com

Chris Albright

Regional Sales Director North

TELEPHONE: +1 (262) 595-1938
E-MAIL: Chris.Albright@putzmeister.com

SANY Concrete Machinery Team USA Midwest/North Art Waerig

Art Waerig

Regional Sales Director – East

TELEPHONE: +1 (215) 262-2646
E-MAIL: Art.Waerig@putzmeister.com

SANY Concrete Machinery Team USA Midwest/North Phillip Ketcham

Phillip Ketcham

Regional Sales Manager – South

TELEPHONE: +1 (262) 598-6310
E-MAIL: Phillip.Ketcham@putzmeister.com

Tony Inglese

Regional Sales Director – South Central

TELEPHONE: +1 (262) 221-1758
E-MAIL: Tony.Inglese@putzmeister.com

Team Sales Americas Carlos Cordeiro

Carlos Cordeiro

Northwest Sales Representative

TELEPHONE: +1 (778) 955-7460
E-MAIL: Carlos.Cordeiro@putzmeister.com

Drue Martinez

Southwest Sales Representative

TELEPHONE: +1 (262) 977-8322
E-MAIL: Drue.Martinez@putzmeister.com

Gabriel Alvarez

Regional Sales Manager Mexico and Central America

E-MAIL: Gabriel.Alvarez@putzmeister.com