The SANY truck-mounted concrete pump SY67 RZ6 with flexible 6 arms and a reach height of 66.1 m.

Core pump: 1900 mm x 260 mm
Output: 160 m³ / h
Pressure: 85 bar
Type of folding: 6-arm RZ
Vertical reach: 66.1 m

+ Heavy duty design with state of the art technology and fits into the weight regulations
+ The support system protects the machine, operator and third parties from accidents
+ This system complies with EN 12001 and Machinery Directive – different then plenty of other suppliers!
+ Simple user interface with intuitive HBC wireless remote
+ Surprising value – excellent price for the performance
+ Here to stay! Global SANY team & local service infrastructure you already trust
+ Service-friendly with self-diagnosis tool for easy on-site maintenance​, trouble-shooting tools, optimized maintenance point access​ability and the dual-piston-retract function for faster piston change

Folding system6-arm RZ
Vertical reach66.2 m
Horizontal reach61.1 m
Reach depth44.5 m
Unfolding height17.1 m
End hose length3 m
Outrigger spread front12.5 m
Outrigger spread rear15.1 m
Length16.6 m
Width2.55 m
Height4.0 m
Core pump
Output160 m³
Pressure85 bar
Delivery cylinder Ø260 mm
Stroke length1900 mm